About Somerset

Somerset Production Company, L.L.C. (the "Company"), is a Delaware limited liability company engaged in the business of oil and natural gas exploration and production in the Appalachian Basin. The Managers of the Company are Wolf Marine S.A. and Berea Oil & Gas Corp., which is owned and controlled by Thomas H. O´Neill, Jr. and William R. Ziegler. The Company was formed in 1997 to engage in the business of oil and natural gas exploration and production.

The Company sold non-strategic projects to third parties and redeployed the proceeds from these sales, along with additional capital from the founders, to develop new prospects in the deep gas-bearing horizons of Western New York and West-Central Pennsylvania. The following is a brief description of these projects.

Alley Cat Project
Recent discoveries of world-class gas reserves in West Central New York by Canadian multinational Talisman Exploration has led the Company to develop the Alley Cat Project. The Company possesses over 300 miles of proprietary seismic data focused on the deep reservoirs of Western New York and Northwest Pennsylvania. Much of this data has recently been reprocessed and analyzed by geophysical experts. This data, combined with the results of geological and geophysical studies performed by the University at Buffalo (underwritten by the Company and a grant from NYSERDA), has resulted in over 30 identified prospects and leads.

Salt Water Disposal Facility
The Company owns and operates a saltwater disposal well (Brant #1) and facility near Shanksville, PA in Stoney Creek Township, Somerset County, PA. The facility operates under an Underground Injection Control Permit issued by the US EPA and a Water Quality Management Permit issued by the PA-DEP Bureau of Oil and Gas Management. The well is permitted to inject/dispose of production brine into the Oriskany Formation (8825 - 9000 feet below surface) up to 900 barrels per day.

Other Prospects
The Company has other prospects in the early stages of development and is constantly networking with other exploration and production companies in the geographic region. These long-term-relationships often result in opportunities to make a strategic acquisitions or participate in lucrative joint ventures.

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